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Post by Talon Fett on Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:08 pm

I'm not sure how the Castithan story line is going to play compared to the existing mission/storyline. Knowing that I can convert my current Human character to Castithan race, I'm not sure I want to do that. I would kind of like to create a new alternate character to just play around with the new storyline features to see what its all about before I was to convert.
Perhaps there are others who think the same way, and are planning to do something similar, (Like converting an existing alternate character that has a head start on EGO level, pursuits, skills, etc...) keeping thier current FREEMASON character intact, as is.
The idea, if there are enough participants, is to create a Castithan ONLY sub-clan to experiment with the new features pertaining to the new race. (For example name the clan the "Illuminati" if it is available.) This could also be done with the Irathiant as well if desired, (ex. "Spirit riders".) or any future races that get added to the game. (Liberatta, Sensoth, or Indogene.)
The point is to mainly just have fun with the game, but also quell another issue with the clan features that have been occuring on a regular basis: It constantly goes down. No chat, no bonuses, no clan tags, nothing. The problem seems to be overload, high numbers of members in an expanding MMO universe.
Creating sub-clans could be a remedy to the problem, with the majority of the players on the new clan with alternate characters, while retaining all the base member/characters accounts offline, or in the main clan if not playing as Castithan alternate. All sub-clan members would be FREEMASONS as a pre-requisite. Leaders/officers would remain the same, unless others would want (or be elected) to share the duties of managing it.
Not sure if this would cure the problems with the clan features going down, or if anyone else would even want to do it at all, but once again this is just an idea I wanted to put out there before the DLC comes out.
Thanks for reading.

Talon Fett

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