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EndGame * SPOILERS * & Playthrough 2

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EndGame * SPOILERS * & Playthrough 2 Empty EndGame * SPOILERS * & Playthrough 2

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 19, 2013 2:28 pm


This isn't to bash the game by any means, but to rather discuss Nim. 

Does anyone else find themselves disappointed at the lack of difficulty in the Nim fight? I have seriously had more difficult side missions then the finale of Defiance. The story line, beginning to end, is engaging and very well done. But perhaps I expected much more out of final fight. Not much strategy required, Though I think I will have to attempt the battle with other weapons. The three stages of the battle make for good fun. However it seems they have nerfed staged 3 since I last beat him and the Orange Crystals do not spawn as numerously. As in Stage 2 as well I found one of the clones on the top that when "killed" stopped the subsequent throwing of the "knife." Of which in my first play through it never occured. Unless I was extremely unlucky, they may have changed that as well. As for Stage 1. Still boring. Though it seems as if Nim's three/four shot jump is much slower and easier to avoid.

What weapon have you used?

The fight is way too easy with a BMG. As it was with a Shotgun on my second playthrough. I wonder what i should attempt next...

Subsequent Play Throughs

As for a second play through I am disappointed that you do not indeed get another Detu Ara as I heard in clan discussion last night. So I hope that clears up that discussion and the talk of the player claiming they got one with synergy on play through 3. As of now I see no value in any additional play throughs other then forced gun leveling and the set experience... which is still quite low and to me not worth it. I received nothing of significance from the Random Mod Cache other then weapons to level. Granted I finished Playthrough 2 with an ego of 1932 the items were insignificant. 

What Benefits do you see from additional play throughs?

For now I will slowly and steadily work through pursuits and await DLC to enrich my Defiance Experience. Though Tiny Tina DLC for Borderlands 2 Drops Tuesday and will take me away for awhile. 

Please Post your opinions as well!


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