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Xbone vs PS4

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Xbone vs PS4 Empty Xbone vs PS4

Post by Snufaluffugus on Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:46 am

Which are you going to choose and why?  It seems to be a frequent hot topic in clan chat, but with everyone talking over each other nothing seems to get really discussed thoroughly and some people don't want to hear it. So discuss it here.  Some facts I have found from reading a lot about it.

Xbone needs to connect every 24 hours or it turns into a DVD player, but this could be changed by software.

Kinect always has to be connected or the console won't work and it will always be on to some degree.

Used games will stay the same on PS4 with possible online passes depending on developers.  

The used game scheme for Xbone hasn't been fully detailed but it is clear that they will be charging something to be able to play used games.

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Xbone vs PS4 Empty Re: Xbone vs PS4

Post by Infinity420 x on Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:39 am

I will most likely go with the Xbox One for a few reasons. The first one being that everything that the Xbox One does I would utilize to the fullest extent, This meaning everything from watching live tv, streaming my sport games and managing fantasy teams to even utilizing the internet access at it greatest potential. The blu ray factor for me isn't really a huge deal but I suppose I would use it if I had the opportunity to. Secondly, The titles that will be coming out for Xbox One from Halo to Forza and Destiny are all things that I am interested in playing and enjoying to the fullest extent. Not to say you cannot enjoy them on the same level with the new 360 console that is set to come out but I'm sure you know what I mean. I am always on the internet so having to connect it to it once a week or whatever they decide doesn't bother me and neither does the fact that it's not backwards compatible. I will still have my old xbox 360 and will use it if needed with no problem. Smile

I am not going to hate on the PS4, it looks like a great system as well and I'm sure people will love it but it just doesn't fit in with what I like to do and doesn't have the titles I like to play/the support that I like knowing is there to help at any given time.

There you go Smile
Infinity420 x
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