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Clan and Forum Rules

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Clan and Forum Rules Empty Clan and Forum Rules

Post by Stak on Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:16 pm

cheersWelcome to FreeMason Forums!!! cheers

First and foremost the rules of both the clan and forums here are common sense but im writing this out so there are no issues with those who will catch the ban hammer (and trust me there will be some, there always is).

1) Be respectful & no trolling*. Disrespectful comments, trashing other players, and trolling members/moderators will get you ONE WARNING. After your one warning, if it continues it will result in a PERMANENT BAN of your account & IP address.

2) This second rule will also be a ZERO TOLERANCE rule. Absolutely no talk about race/racist, prejudice, degrading (male & female), religion, and/or political views. These five topics always create tension/arguments between members. i will say it again, they will NOT be tolerated at all and is the quickest way to Banville!

3) Multiple accounts are not permitted in the forums (in-game is fine). There is no good reason that you should need more then one account on these forums unless your authorized by a moderator and/or clan leader.

4) Spamming* & Scamming* is also a BIG no no. Spamming links to other sites not associated with defiance or the clan is NOT ALLOWED. Posting helpful links to youtube videos is fine. Posting links to help you gain extra views to videos not clan/defiance related is NOT fine. Another example is posting referral links to other sites, trying to get people to sign up for unrelated sites. If a topic is created for referral links, please make sure your posts go in the proper areas on the forum.

*Trolling = is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response.

*Scamming =
trick somebody: to obtain money or other goods from somebody by dishonest means

*Spamming = sending of unsolicited electronic messages: the sending of unsolicited
electronic messages through the Internet to a large number of recipients

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